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Cole. Good_cole1

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Lightning Bolt: Cole fires a single bolt of lightning, it can be used as a rapid fire tool.

Repulse: Cole thrust his hands forward, sending an electrical discharge foward, that knocks back, and shocks, anything not bound to the ground

Overload Burst: Cole charges his arm, firing a powerful bold of lightning that jumps off of all metal, hitting anything in it's path

Grind: Cole can ride across wires and rails, by charging his feet with electricity, he grinds along the wires.

Polarity shield: Cold forms a clear shield, much like the repulse, except it stays in his hand, it can block all smaller projectiles, but not explosions.

Levitate: Cole releases a steady stream of energy holding him in the air, he can use it to glide, or at stronger output, fly.

Shock grenade: Cole charges a ball of electricity, and hurls it at an opponent, it explodes after a 3 second delay

Rocket: Cole Fires the ball of energy instead of throwing it, it explodes on impact

Arc Restraint: Cole shocks a downed opponent, binding their wrists and ankles to the ground

Bio leech: Cole grabs a downed opponents face, draining their life force, adding it to his own

Lightning storm: Cole's most powerful attack, He charges the area around him, causing huge lightning bolts to come down all around him, causing massive amounts of damage.

Gigawatt blades: Cole surrounds his hands with energy, sharpening it, allowing him to cut through virtually anything.

Teleport: Cole Breaks down his body into tiny electrically charged particles, moving to another location, and reforming, thus, teleporting.

Faction: Rogue


History: Cole was a courier before the explosion, he was the one carrying the said package. He was blamed by everybody for the explosion, but do to the fact he was caught inside of it, he was given these powers of electricity, tired of the hate from the other people, he has turned on the citizens of Empire city.

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