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Post by Stev on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:22 pm

Name:Aesin Gungnir


Description: Tall and gaunt, with shoulder length brown hair. He wears grey combat fatigues and a kevlar vest, covered by a special issue active camoflauge hooded cloak, which allows him to move relatively undetected through the city.

Power: Shoot and Run. He was not in the city at the time of the detonation, so he doesn't have any powers.

Faction: Freelancer, although he has connections in the First Sons, as well as both of the major gangs.

Ranking: Effectively recruit.

History: After being fast tracked through specialist marksman training, in which he got the reputation that he never missed a single shot, Aesin was sent on a mission with only another marksman for assistance. His companion gave himself up to the enemy to give Aesin a shot at the target. Unfortunately this was the shot that missed, the bullet embeding itself not into the target but Aesin's companion's skull killing him instantly. Disgraced Aesin fled back to Empire City, and rather then returning to the First Sons, he went freelance, but as he was in the city, the First Sons would not let go. Every now and again they require his expertise, and send a message to him, along with threats, knowing that if he turned against them, they could kill him before he could escape, Aesin reluctantly agreed to each one. He was payed for his skills, and this is why he turned to the gangs, reasoning money, would somewhere make the world go round, and if not money, goods and ammunition would.

RP Sample: Aesin sat behind his table, the room he was in was little more then a cell deep in the sewers, behind him a thick steel door, and in front of him was another similiar door. Between the front door and Aesin stood a short man with a sack over his head, a single eyehole learing out.

Aesin leaned forward, resting his chin on his hands for a moment, then leaning back he put his feet one on top of the other, on the table. "So, what's the job?"

The little man coughed slightly, "Well, we heard news of some gang boss from the reapers that is moving safe-houses, and well, you can guess the rest..." He trailed of.

Aesin stood up, walking round the table and sitting on the front of the table. "Payment?"

At this simple word the Dustman started slightly, then reached under his coat, pulling out a long pistol, "how about your lif-" He was dead before he hit the floor, a new bloody eye-hole showing in his hood.

Aesin stooped down, picking up the pistol, considering it next to his, then he stands back up straight, "I don't think I can accept that deal." He turned and walked into the backroom, adding another gun to his inventory.

Is this all right?


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Post by Admin on Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:16 pm

Looks Good


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