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Post by Darcy Matthews on Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:44 pm

Name: Darcy Willows


Description: Darcy Matthews GirlinBlack
Darcy Matthews Memories_Off_01
Longer hair, and taller.

Power: Master: Water, wind can combine the two to make ice, her favourite object.
Learning:learning how to control three other elements but slowly.
Shatter: she freezes something then shatters it, shatter the earth towards someone.

Faction: First son

Ranking: Recruit

History: Her parents died when she was five, so she remembers very little of the time she spent with them. Instead, her brother, who was twelve years her senior took up that role and began to care for her as well as teach her karate. Sadly two years ago, Nyte Matthews stepped in front of a well aimed bullet meant for the young girl and swapped his life for hers, she is now incredibly guilty but is a great actress, she never lets it show. Her skills got her noticed though, she became the first girl ever to enter the first sons but she hardly interacts with anyone but she would like to, just a bit shy.

RP Sample:

Nothing compares to this feeling. Nothing has and nothing ever will compare to when the snow swirls around you and alights upon your eyelashes and shivers on your cheeks. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around her, the snowfall began to ebb slowly so she picked up her satchel and returned to base as instructed. The left over breeze toyed with her waist length black hair and the sun played over her pale features as she walked slowly towards the base.

"Late again Miss Matthews" she said softly to herself and pushed the doors open
Darcy Matthews
Darcy Matthews

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Post by Admin on Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:35 pm

hey darcy!!! welcome lol


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