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Post by Mallen Akai on Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:08 am

Name:Marren Akai

Age: 30

Description: Marren has green eyes, and an orange outlined collar, everything else is all white. The only weapon that he doesent make is his steel katana that is abnormally long and rests on his back.

Power: Marren can manipulate ice in any way, and even if there is no ice around him he can make it out of thin air.

Faction: Reaper

Ranking: Recruit

History: Marren used to live in a ice village where him, his family, and his friends. Then a huge dragon came and scorched the village leaving no remains except for Marren. It was ok though because Marrens dad tought him to do everything especially manipulation of ice.

RP Sample: Marren looked at the upcoming three warriors said to be the strongest warriors of there tribe. " I dont uderstand why your master wants you to fight me " Marren grinned. " He must not know my true power" Marren then created two ice scimitars in the palms of his hands. " Well i guess i'll just have to show him " Null said running up to the first warrior dodging the swinging sword, then slicing the warriors throat ever so gentley watching the lifeless corpse drop to the floor. " Thats one " Marren screamed. Then marren telleported in front of the third warrior kneeling down and jabbing the ice scimmitar in the gut of the of the running warrior. The warrior gasped when blood started coming out of his mouth. A drop of blood fell from the warrior landing on the kneeling marren, then marren kicked the man down leaving the ice scimitar in the warrior watching it melt. " Thats two" Marren screamed once again. Marren then back flipped in front of the second warrior swinging his ice scimitar hitting the steel katana right out of his hands. " I could kill you right now " Marren stated. " But i need you to warn your master that I am a force to be reconed with" Marren added. Marren then covered his fist in ice hitting the warrior in the face knocking him out. Marren then teleported some where to get some rest.

(So sorry that it was that long, kinda got carried away.)

Picture: Marren Akai White
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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:01 pm

Ack, so many ice users lol


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