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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:52 pm

A few rules to follow when Out Of Character (OOC).
1. No flaming, this includes racism and sexism. People who do such horrible acts shall be shot on sight with the "Insta-ban Bazooka".
2. No spamming, spammers shall be labeled "Uber Nubs" and if they continue, shall also be shot with the "Insta-ban Bazooka".
3. No trolling!

In Game:
1. The Golden Rule: No godmodding! If you break this rule you will be banned so hard half your family will be banned!
2. No Bunnying or Power Playing, this means you say you do something, and then how your enemy reacts to it, such as "I throw my kunai at you, stabbing you in the leg" or "I slit your throat from behind, automatically hitting" remember, that is unfair and rude!
3. No Spamming, that includes double posts!

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